Holistic Health Q&A with Eleni Simos

Jan 03, 2021

Did holistic health mean anything to you before 2020? 2020 was the ultimate test that tried everyone’s mental, spiritual, physical, and social health. We’re proud of our Stoonic Tribe for staying strong and pushing through. So we’re giving you some motivation to continue the new year with holistic health information and tips! If you’re wondering more about what holistic health means, just think about how the pandemic has made you feel. Every way that you’ve been affected has contributed to your holistic health. Holistic health is rooted in the understanding that mental, spiritual, physical, and social needs affect your overall...

FLEX in Style - The Stoonic Flex Collection

Nov 19, 2020

As always, we aim to keep you active and in style through comfort and motivation. Nothing but the best for our Tribe! So we created a collection to serve you the versatility you need to enhance your wardrobe with activewear for everyday lewks. You'll find comfort and confidence in our FLEX Collection this season. Our FLEX Collection empowers who you are. It's all about the connection to your energy for your top lifestyle! This collection was created to inspire balance by merging textures and patterns that subtly compliment each other and your body’s curves. We love to see our Tribe show off...

The Sculpt Collection Look Book

Apr 08, 2020

Our Sculpt Collection was created to set the tone for Stoonic. Not just for the Spring, but as a women's luxury activewear brand. The collection gives beautiful hues that easily compliment different skin tones and body types. The goal for the Sculpt Collection is to exemplify the meaning of Stoonic: to be active and in style through comfort and motivation. Enjoy the colors, fabric, support, and style of our Sculpt Collection to motivate your moving lifestyle. Click here to view our Sculpt Collection Look Book to inspire your power, style, and movement.

/'ST(Y)OO-NIK/ Defined

Nov 01, 2019

Stoonic (/'st(y)oo-nik/): to be active and in style through comfort and motivation. Defining a brand is crucial to its identity and connection with its audience, which is why we are so excited to define what Stoonic means to us and for you. Stoonic was created from the simple idea of merging two forces that drive the women in the world: health and fashion. This brand is for THE WOMAN. Meaning that Stoonic pushes to inspire and connect with those who love life, aim to live it as great as possible, and enjoy being stylish no matter what. Our goal is to influence...