Did holistic health mean anything to you before 2020? 2020 was the ultimate test that tried everyone’s mental, spiritual, physical, and social health. We’re proud of our Stoonic Tribe for staying strong and pushing through. So we’re giving you some motivation to continue the new year with holistic health information and tips!

If you’re wondering more about what holistic health means, just think about how the pandemic has made you feel. Every way that you’ve been affected has contributed to your holistic health. Holistic health is rooted in the understanding that mental, spiritual, physical, and social needs affect your overall health.

We chatted with holistic health coach and plant based chef, Eleni Simos, about what she does and how we can stay on top! We’re not playing with 2021. Let’s get into it, Tribe.


Eleni, tell us about your services and what you do? 

I own a health and wellness company called The Clean Eating Chick. On a daily basis, we are bombarded with so much information (often times misinformation) on how to actually achieve and sustain a healthy lifestyle. I offer a wide range of solution based services to teach people how to make healthier choices at the grocery store by teaching people how to shop properly by reading labels, how to restructure their relationship with food, retrain their taste buds and most importantly, to enjoy the process! 

Check out her website here: https://www.thecleaneatingchick.com/

When did you realize holistic health was the lane for you?

From an early age, I made the personal decision to eliminate processed foods from my lifestyle. It began as a personal choice, but once my mother was diagnosed with Stage 3 Colon Cancer when I had just turned 22 years old, I knew I had to take my passion for health and wellness outside of myself and work with others.

Okay, before we go any further, we HAVE to ask: What’s your favorite thing about the Stoonic Ultra Smooth set?

I love the material and the color. It really lives up to its name by being ultra smooth, I find the versatility of the style and material makes this an awesome set for any workout out, from yoga to lifting weights, bike riding or lifting weights. I love to stand out, and the color is a unique shade that I don’t often see available from other brands! -- shop Ultra Smooth now


How do you describe healthy eating?

My mantra is, “less from a box and more from the earth.” It’s the concept of eating intuitively and mindfully for your overall health, your immune system, and enhancing your relationship with your body to give it exactly what it needs.

What do you think is the key to people eating healthy for their individual lifestyles?

I encourage clients to embrace the concept of “bio-individuality.” Which means, what works for me, might not work for you. Every body is designed beautifully and differently from one another - working with people to focus on adding in clean, plant based foods to naturally crowd out the processed foods helps to take the pressure off and sets people up for success - which naturally encourages people to commit.

This is sometimes a trigger word: diets. Do you believe in them?

Definitely not a fan of the word diet, I prefer using the word “lifestyle.” I don’t believe in “diets” no. Diets suggest a quick fix, or can even encourage people to take often extreme, unhealthy measures to shed a few pounds and can do more harm than good. They don’t get to the root of the problem, or work to restructure people’s relationship with food.

Personally, are you a stickler with your lifestyle?

I’m not a big sweets person, but if I decide to indulge, I do it and I enjoy every bit of it! Holding onto any guilt or shame surrounding food choices is a huge problem in our society. Although I am vegan, I do maintain a pretty balanced lifestyle when it comes to what I put into my body daily. I don’t overthink, I listen to what my body needs and I honor that.


Let’s get into energy… How does eating connect with maintaining great energy?

Think about this, we service our cars annually for maintenance, oil changes, tire rotations, etc. so - by fueling our bodies with high quality, high vibrational, clean plant based foods allows our bodies to sustain themselves off of clean energy. If we’re eating heavy, oily processed foods - our bodies will feel weighed down, we could experience low energy, clouded thoughts.

Is there something that people can do to help them stay motivated with eating and moving?

The proof is in the chia seed pudding, when you eat good - you feel good. Maintaining motivation is all about connecting to one’s own sense of self-worth and self-love, you are your biggest commitment, once you embrace that, you will stay committed to nourishing your body and giving your body more of what feels good.

How are you when you are at your best? Happy, focused, loving? Is there something that you do to achieve this feeling?

Feeling focused and loving comes from establishing and maintaining a sacred rising ritual. Having an AM practice, rise, stretch, give thanks, set an intention, sit in stillness, drink ginger tea - keeps my energy focused and loving. It also sets out a vibrational intention to the universe that I am living in alignment with my purpose, and thus I am rewarded with more intentional opportunities to keep me on my higher self’s path to fulfilling my purpose.

What are your top wellness tips for health and energy?

Never underestimate the power of proper rest, it is during sleep that our body detoxifies and recalibrates itself. Ginger tea is an essential, easy tip that provides anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties - plus it strengthens the digestive system to ensure our bodies absorb the proper vitamins + nutrients from our food.


Active and in style is a part of Stoonic's meaning. What's your personal style?

I value clothes as a form of self-expression. I usually dressed based upon my mood, and that always varies. If I’m not in some type of activewear and a comfy hoodie, I’m usually dressed in something chic, sexy and timeless.

Do you look for something specific in activewear? What’s your favorite?

Fit, material, and comfortability. I tend to slay my workouts when I’m feeling sexy and strong in my activewear - if the fit is flattering, and the material is comfortable - I can focus more on my workout. I tend to do a lot of mirror work so if I’m feeling the way I look in an activewear set, I tend to crush my workout even more!


How often do you workout? Would you say that exercise is a lifestyle for you?

Exercise and movement is a lifestyle. I workout every day, whether it’s yoga, weight lifting, boxing, a bike ride or even as simple as going for a walk. Movement is a huge part of maintaining my own mental clarity.

What are your top three favorite exercises/workouts and why?

Yoga to reconnect to breath, circulate stagnant energy and enhance mind strength. Weightlifting to challenge my own physical strength, and seeing/feeling results in your body is just addicting! Boxing, because it helps me to practice remaining focused and present on the task/challenge right in front of me.

You recently hosted an event called FITNESS + DELICIOUS. How was this? Tell us about what it is or what it means to you.

Yes! I teamed up with one of my personal trainers - Josh, founder of JK Fit and we combined our love and passion for fitness and nutrition by co-creating a unique outdoor fitness experience in our community in Queens, NYC. Attendees participated in a one hour full body calisthenics workout, and then I hosted a wellness talk and we nourished our bodies with custom organic fruit + vegetable juices from my CLEANSED juice line.

Be sure to follow Eleni on Instagram (@thecleaneatingchick) for more insight and help for your motivation!



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