Our Contour Collection was created in support of Endometriosis Awareness Month. We know that being a woman requires special strength because every body is different, and we are honored to use our platform to stand with the endometriosis struggles of many women! We collaborated with True40 Studio in Birmingham to raise awareness and proceeds for Beyond Endo, an endometriosis organization.

Endometriosis or endo for short is a condition that happens when tissue similar to the lining of a woman's uterus grows outside of the uterus. This condition affects about 200 million women worldwide.

We were so happy to host a pop up event at True40 with the versatility of our bright yellow collection to match the colors of the cause! Let's break down the affects of endometriosis. About 1 out of every 10 women in the U.S. have endometriosis and it is often misdiagnosed, or missed. It is also estimated that only 20% of the general public have heard of endometriosis. These stats are mind blowing! It is not hard to imagine how intense and difficult this disease is for women to endure, which is why our event with True40 was important to us.

True40 was so gracious to partner with us by donating their class profits to Beyond Endo. For every sale that we made at the event and from our online store, we donated 10%. As a small business, being able to share what we make was a great opportunity for us and we plan to do more.

Tribe, thank you for your support! If you have not purchased from our Contour Collection, click here. For as long as we offer this collection, proceeds will continue to be donated to Beyond Endo.

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