New Season. New Style. New Challenge.

Stoonic means to be active and in style through comfort and motivation, so what better way to set the tone for our Spring activewear collection than our 7 DAY TONE AND SCULPT CHALLENGE?! We're so excited to launch this collection for the new season that we had to find a way to get active and in style together. We're giving you free fitness and nutrition information PLUS accountability! And to top it all off, you'll receive 30% OFF OUR SPRING COLLECTION just for taking this step with us towards toning your body and enhancing your life. This offer is exclusive to you as our way of appreciating your personal wellness efforts and support of the Stoonic brand.

Here's what you'll receive in our 7 Day Tone & Sculpt Challenge along with your exclusive discount on the Spring collection:

1. Goal Setting Worksheet - To help you set your intentions and goals for to achieve your best results.
2. THREE FULL WORKOUTS - This challenge includes 3 full workouts for you to schedule for 3 days this week. The workouts are: 1 Arm + Shoulder Sculpt, 1 Toned Legs + Butt, and 1 Cardio + Core Conditioning.
3. Meal Guides (dining in and out) + Sample Recipes - Nutrition is just as important as moving, so we've included some tips for making the best food choices for you, as well as suggestions for meals.

By now you're probably wondering what our Spring collection looks like and how to sign up. Click the link below to learn more and sign up for our 7 Day Tone & Sculpt Challenge. We can't wait to get active and in style with you.

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